Kobudo Center (was established in 2010)

Goals and tasks

Society The main aim is to promote traditional martial arts and healthy lifestyle popularization in society, to enhance populations knowledge in martial arts sphere, to increase their knowledge with the main principles of martial arts and self-defense techniques as well as traditional and modern forms of self-defense research and development of Latvia, including:

- kobudo promotion and development of kobudo Strengthening the role of the overall development of the person and the strengthening of health;

- friendship and cultural ties between the building and strengthening of various martial arts representatives of Latvian and abroad, sharing of accumulated experience, skill raising, development of cooperation and promotion between Latvian and foreign martial arts clubs;

- lectures, conferences, seminars, congresses, intensive training camps, internships, workshops and other educational, rehabilitative and educational events of traditional martial arts and the promotion of healthy lifestyles;

- implementation of projects in education and sports-health sector, scientific research activities, development of new technologies for self-defense tools and methods development;

- to promote the cooperation of all interested individuals and legal entities among different traditional martial art direction for the dissemination and training law enforcement bodies, security and security structures;

- cooperation with the International bodyguard and security services association (International Bodyguard and Security Services Association);

Aiki jutsu, Aikido Ju jutsu Iaido Qigong
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