The Greater Japan Martial Virtue Society (was established in 1895), in Kyoto Japan (Dai Nippon Butoku Kai)

Dai Nippon Kai Butoku

Founded on April 17, 1895 in Kyoto, Japan, under the leadership of His Royal Highness the Emperor Meiji, in order to promote and standardize combat systems throughout Japan, to preserve the traditions of learning and teaching Budo and the associated great samurai culture BUDO and to promote the true spirit of Japanese Martial arts. This was the first official martial arts institution sanctioned by the government of Japan, which emphasized the historical combat experience and dignity of the samurai spirit. It became a kind of elite order of the budo masters, whose membership in could be inherited, and whose leader is traditionally one of the members of the imperial family.

The Butoku Den(武徳殿(Hall of MartialVirtues))

The hall of martial virtues was built like the one of an ancient hall located on the territory of the imperial palace, in memory of the reign of the founder of Heian (Kyoto), the great emperor Kammu, not far from the Heian (HeianJinguShrine (神宮 神宮).To carry out the legacy of ancient traditions that were started in the capital of the eighth century Kyoto.

The Butoku Den (武 徳 殿 (Hall of MartialVirtues))
The Butoku Den (武 徳 殿 (Hall of MartialVirtues))

Heian Jingu Shrine (平安神宮)
Heian Jingu Shrine (平安神宮)

Butokuden (the Butoku Den (武 徳 殿 (Hall of MartialVirtues))
Butokuden (the Butoku Den (武 徳 殿 (Hall of MartialVirtues))
Igor Zaytsev Heian (Heian Jingu Shrine (平安神宮))
Heian (Heian Jingu Shrine (平安神宮))
Igor Zaytsev

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai was rebuilt after the Second World War with a new philosophical vision of preserving long-established illustrious classical fighting virtues and traditions and contributing to world peace, international goodwill, mutual understanding and respect and prosperity through education in Budo. It is aimed at the restoration of classical martial cultures, training, the promotion of international peace and harmony, as well as the promotion and formation of traditional disciplines in the martial arts. The Governor of DNBK is Sosai, Higashi Fushimi, Djiko, the chief priest of the famous Shorenin ((Shōren-in (青蓮院))temple. He is the cousin of the current emperor of Japan Akihito.

Under the Hongbu Board Directive, the DNBK International Department was formally established in 1992 in the United States of America to organize, guide and coordinate all types of martial arts Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in a world outside of Japan.

Representative in Latvia - Zaitsev Igor

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